Star Base 80 welcomes you

Welcome to Starbase 80, we are a proud member of Obsidian Fleet, a simulation set within Task Force 47-C

The Typhon Expanse lays on the border between Romulan and Federation space. It is maybe most well-known for three events, the first is the being the U.S.S. Bozeman delaying a Klingon assault long enough to allow a Federation fleet to reverse course and intercept. It was thought at the time that the Bozeman and her entire crew had been destroyed. The second was the Enterprise-D being trapped within a time loop in which the Bozeman appeared and struck the Enterprise destroying both vessels. The third was years later when a Fleet of ships intercepted and attempted to destroy a Borg cube, they failed but gave chase, delaying the cube long enough for a second fleet to gather at Earth.

Shortly after the Borg attack a Celestial class star base was constructed with the mind set to protect and study the expanse. This base was names Star Base 80 and was positioned on the Federation edge and would be the jumping off point for scientific expeditions.

In 2388 the station was to undergo a major refit to bring her up to current fleet standards, a new commanding officer was chosen to lead the station forward in what will be the biggest exploration push since the Luna Program. To explore former Borg space within the Beta Quadrant