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Star Base 80 Welcomes You

The USS Hyperion launches and heads into the Typhon Expanse

Welcome to Starbase 80, we are a proud member of Obsidian Fleet, a simulation set within Task Force 47-C

The Typhon Expanse lays on the border between Romulan and Federation space. It is maybe most well-known for three events, the first being the U.S.S. Bozeman delaying a Klingon assault long enough to allow a Federation fleet to reverse course and intercept. It was thought at the time that the Bozeman and her entire crew had been destroyed. The second was the Enterprise-D being trapped within a time loop in which the Bozeman appeared and struck the Enterprise destroying both vessels. The third was years later when a Fleet of ships intercepted and attempted to destroy a Borg cube, they failed but gave chase, delaying the cube long enough for a second fleet to gather at Earth.

Shortly after the Borg attack a Celestial class star base was constructed with the mind set to protect and study the expanse. This base was named Star Base 80 and was positioned on the Federation edge and would be the jumping off point for scientific expeditions.

In 2388 the station was to undergo a major refit to bring her up to current fleet standards, a new commanding officer was chosen to lead the station forward in what will be the biggest exploration push since the Luna Program. To explore former Borg space within the Beta Quadrant.

Current Mission
The Typhon Expanse has long been held as a mysterious place, spanning light years it is a true nebula; but there are many aspects that remain a closely hidden secrete. Several very public incidents have made the region both interesting to the science communities and listed as a danger by Starfleet Security. To monitor and investigate the situation Starbase 80 was built. Yet it failed to find the answers everyone seemingly wanted, there is no real reason why almost 120 years ago the Starfleet vessel Bozeman was pulled through time and trapped within a time loop which eventually draw the Enterprise-D into a repeated loop of destruction. Or why the Borg have repeatedly used the expanse as a staging ground, a kind of breach head into Federation space. No one really knows why this sector of space is both rife with examples of temporal activities and yet so stable and still.

Ten years ago, a major overhaul was ordered, this would bring many of the stations older systems up to date but would also add several new defensive systems; such as point defences. Also, an entire new array of sensors designed to probe deeper and with more accuracy than ever before. These updates and advances will soon be finished, just in time for a new commander and a new crew to test them and deal with any bugs that might turn up.

In deep space, almost 12 light years from Starbase 80 and deep within what was once Borg territory something is stirring. A ship which has laid dormant for uncounted decades suddenly comes alive, bright green lighting flickers across the hull of the irregular and highly patched hull.

The stations deep space sensors come online and suddenly light up with activity, a warp signature which has not been seen in more than twenty years sets alarms sounding. Much like the Omega Protocol all information about this contact is quickly hidden behind a level 10 security code, a code which only commanding officers are given. Ajaini quickly entered her code and retreated to her office to access the sensor reports. She had not heard of this protocol before, so she followed the chain of links as she learnt what the warning meant. It seemed that unlike the Omega Protocol which demanded she pass it off to a special unit, she was expected to investigate herself.

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» Discored

Posted on Mon May 13, 2019 @ 2:40pm by Commander Ajani Carter in General News

Hello everyone, we have a discord channel.

Please join as soon as you are able.


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Mission: Fear Incarnate
Posted on Thu May 23, 2019 @ 3:19am by Lieutenant Ovir Zirzin & Commander Ajani Carter

It was tradition for the first stop to be meeting the CO when arriving to a new assignment, one that Ovir didn't have to do for quite some time. He made his way to Ops and then to a red door. He made sure his uniform was neat and pressed,…

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Mission: Fear Incarnate
Posted on Thu May 23, 2019 @ 3:18am by Lieutenant Ovir Zirzin & Lieutenant Commander Elias Day

EZ was starting to feel overwhelmed. He’d been at his desk for two days, more or less straight, going through personnel files as he kept his head above water keeping up with daily reports and putting out fires that surfaced.

Working a daily rotation in Ops was a break and…

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Mission: Fear Incarnate
Posted on Fri May 17, 2019 @ 11:43pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Commander Elias Day

The Chiron was at warp heading towards her new posting. They were only a few hours out now but she was getting excited, it would be her first real command and of a pivotal one at that.

She stood on the observation deck watching colourful warped stars flash past. So…